Google Workspace for Education License Management Tool

The Google Workspace for Education License Management Tool is a Google Sheets-based tool that allows administrators to manage and automate Education Plus, Education Standard, and Teaching and Learning Upgrade license assignment in bulk. The tool is offered by AppsEvents, a Google for Education partner, at no charge to global educational institutions who use Google Workspace for Education.

The License Management Tool allows Workspace for Education administrators to:

Simply copy the Google Sheet below to get started!

Getting started

To get started, please see the instructions and best practices document, or review the steps below:

Google Workspace for Education License Management Tool - Instructions and Best Practices

Preparing the tool

Defining Group and/or OUs to update

Starting an update

Frequently asked questions

How long does license synchronization take? 

When applying licenses for the first time, the tool can handle approximately 10,000 per day. The tool can process approximately 5,000 license changes (adds + removes) per day or approximately 360 licenses per hour.

Can I use this tool along with other license assignment methods (Admin console, GAM, GCDS)?

We do not recommend using multiple methods for license assignment simultaneously. For example, if you’re currently using the Admin console, GAM, or GCDS to manage licenses automatically, please disable those methods before using the License Management Tool. 

If you use other methods on an as-needed (one-off) basis, you can continue to use them alongside the License Management Tool. For example, you could use the Admin console for initial license deployment, then use the License Management Tool for ongoing maintenance and synchronization.

How do I stop updates that are in progress? How do I cancel automatic synchronization?

Can I see what changes the tool will make before actually making changes?

After setting up the groups and OUs you'd like to sync, go to the “Sync Licenses” menu and select “Simulate License Sync.” You can then switch to the "SyncSimulation" tab to preview what changes would be made.

How can I track changes made by the tool?

All changes are recorded on the “AssignmentLogs” tab. You will also receive a daily email summarizing any license additions or removals.

How do I update the License Tool?

You will be automatically notified of new versions when opening the License Management Tool sheet. When a new version is available, select “Update” from the “Sync Licenses” menu in the top menu bar.

For the script to update you need to ensure the AppScript API is set to On by going to


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